Clinical Supervision

Raymond Cameron, M.A., LMFT (MFC 38236)

Raymond is an Approved Supervisor by the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy and a Certified Clinical Supervisor by the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists , and he has been providing clinical supervision to MFT & LPC Practicum Students / Trainees & Associates for various clinical settings.


  • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy University of San Diego (Accredited by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy , Cum Laude University of California at San Diego

License & Certifications:

  • Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), State of California License Number: MFC 38236
  • California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, Certified Clinical Supervisor

Additional Training

  • Approved Supervisor (40 hours didactic training & 36 hours of Supervision Consultation), American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Clinical Supervisor Training (18 hours didactic training & 12 hours of Supervision Consultation) , California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Suggested Reading from the California Board of Behavioral Science, Supervision Resources :

  • A Guide to Supervision for Associate Marriage & Family Therapists and Trainees
  • Important Answers to Frequently Asked Question for Associate Marriage & Family Therapists and Trainees
  • MFT Trainee & AMFT Supervision Information
  • Supervision Forms

What is Supervision:

Supervision is “ensuring that the extent, kind, and quality of counseling performed is consistent with the education, training, and experience of the person being supervised; reviewing client/patient records, monitoring and evaluating assessment, diagnosis, and treatment decisions of the intern or trainee; monitoring and evaluating the ability of the intern or trainee to provide services at the site(s) where he or she will be practicing and to the particular clientele being served; and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations governing the practice of marriage and family therapy. Supervision shall include that amount of direct observation, or review of audio or video tapes of therapy, as deemed appropriate by the supervisor.” [Section 1833 of Division 18, Title 16, of the California Code of Regulations.]

Supervision Provides Four Core Functions: (Bernard & Goodyear, 1992; Loganbill et al., 1982; Watkins, 1997)

  • Acquisition and improvement of therapeutic skills and knowledge
  • Quality control and accountability to the client and to the public
  • Transmission of the culture of psychotherapy including ethical behavior
  • Professional development and growth

As a Supervisor, I can:

Provide a Supervisor’s “MESS”

  • M odel professional behavior
  • E nable Trainee / Associate mentoring
  • S upport Trainee / Associate clinical knowledge & skills as well as professional (and personal) growth
  • S uggest Trainee / Associate self-care skills

Co-create an Environment of Psychological Safety

  • To take risks during Individual Supervision without feeling insecure or embarrassed
  • To feel safe enough to feel vulnerable during supervision
  • With a shared belief that supervision is safe place for interpersonal risk taking
  • In which the Trainee / Associate feels accepted and respected

(adapted from, ROZOVSKY, J. (2015) The five keys to a successful Google team and

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